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Types of services provided by Leon Consult Invest

I. Economics, finance and investment.Theoretical consultation

  • Providing information on economy and relevant legislation of Uzbekistan;
  • Providing information on the state and development of the economy of Uzbekistan;
  • Providing information on financial and investment legislation of Uzbekistan;
  • Advising on financial planning of capital and finding sources of financing;
  • Consultation on the economic efficiency of business creation;
  • Consultation on the financial situation of the industry;
  • Consultation on investment design and implementation of investment projects;
  • Providing information and recommendations on attracting external sources of funding.
  • Practical support
  • Conducting financial and economic analysis and assessing the feasibility of establishing an enterprise or business;
  • Finding sources of financing within Uzbekistan and on the foreign market;
  • Assistance in optimizing the financial and economic structure of the business being created;
  • Assistance in finding partners — investors and investments
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study, business plans and investment memorandums, and their distribution among potential investors for the purpose of business development and its recognizability;
  • Assistance in the process of negotiations on the conclusion of investment transactions and contracts;
  • Opening bank accounts and assistance in obtaining loans;
  • Providing legal support in the process of registration of legal entities, representative offices and branches;
  • Contract development and analysis; Legal assistance and support in conducting transactions with the purchase, delivery and installation of equipment.


II. Production and equipment.Theoretical consultation

  • Consultation on the establishment of production;
  • Advice on planning and methods of production;
  • Consultation on the selection and purchase of technologies and equipment and subsequent customs procedures;
  • Consultation on introducing new technologies to the Uzbek market;
  • Practical support
  • Carrying out the analysis and an estimation of created manufacture;
  • Finding suppliers and manufacturers of technologies and equipment necessary for production;
  • Assistance in the purchase, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • Conducting analysis of sales markets for products.